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back to base

a self-paced journey with variety of practices

for the first four chakras and optional online

Spinal Attunement sessions

Back to base is an evergreen topic and in the upcoming natural cycle it offers us support for our well-being and an opportunity to come back home to ourselves. Through conscious, embodied and grounded practices we become more connected with our body and earth as well. Body is the earth. When we are grounded and fully in our bodies, we are experiencing life more present, alive, we can more easily bring our gifts into the world and make our goals come true. When we are in our full powers we also much easier navigate through challenging times. First four chakras are the base of our existence. When there is an energy flowing through them, the upper ones open naturally.

It includes

  • a brochure with practices for root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra such as contemplating journaling questions, daily practices to support your journey & herbal support

  • four video recordings with axis-mundi meditations, pranayamas, relaxation, clearing and activation chakra mantras and golden quantum meditations for specific chakra

  • telegram community for additional questions & support

  • monthly online group calls & golden quantum attunement group sessions

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