Image by Annie Spratt

within the 6 weeks of inner journey you become aware

of your most present locks and through different practices and techniques

you unlock them, going deep only as much as you wan to go.

energy centres - chakras - and body support

to become more conscious and intune with yourself.

available online

Pink Flowers Blossom

de-armouring is an emotional release holistic process which utilises a combination of presence, intention, breath, sound, movement and touch through massage, trigger point release, stretching, shaking, vocalization and more, to release emotions, trauma information, blockages, tension, numbness, pain – armours stored in our body memory. It is a gentle and solution-oriented process with a focus on listening to your own body, creating a feeling of safety, and making your own choices in every moment. Here we invite body to slowly begin to melt the layers of armours, so our life force energy expand and flows freely.

available for retreats / events / business people / families

people who don't have time to cook but would love to have delicious and nutritious meals

book me as your personal holistic chef or as a consultant & let's cook together!