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Spinal Attunement™ is a globally accredited modality founded by Sigourney Belle. It’s an advanced, multidimensional, and accelerated modality that combines Eastern and Western science and wisdom with esoteric teachings.

Spinal Attunement™ works on the neuroendocrine system through the spine and the peripheral nervous system. It targets and heals the root cause of physical and other symptoms. This modality awakens the body's intelligence, allowing it to heal itself and bring us back to our natural state of homeostasis and alignment. Once the blockages are cleared, the activation of our life force energy—kundalini—occurs naturally. 


Spinal Attunement™ sessions consist of three parts. We open the space with a short axis-mundi meditation. Then follows the Spinal Attunement. Typically, I combine these sessions with Golden Quantum Attunement which is a vibrational technology that works on the chakras by utilising different colours of rays, circular motion, and flow to nurture and attune the body and cells. Vibrational meditation upgrades your energetic body and harmonises your cells with the quantum field, enabling access to higher states of consciousness. 

If this is the first time that you’re working with me, please note that you’ll need to fill out a form and sign a disclaimer before the session.

This modality facilitates:

Releasing stored emotions, tension, and trauma

Moving stagnant energy

Inducing a sense of lightness throughout your whole being

Gaining new insights about yourself and your life

Igniting inspiration and creativity 

Activating your inner wisdom

Aligning more closely with your soul’s purpose

Reconnecting with your body, soul, and intuition

Expanding your awareness

Allowing universal intelligence to express through you

You can experience the transformative power of Spinal Attunement™ through personalised 1:1 sessions, couple’s sessions, or group sessions.

This year I’ve been deepening and upgrading my knowledge and wisdom by undergoing mentorship as a Spinal Attunement teacher. If you would like to train with me to become a Spinal Attunement practitioner, sign up for the 2025 waiting list here.

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These clearing sessions focus on removing external energies and entities from your field that are not rooted in love and do not align with the divine will. Sessions are exclusively available online. During these sessions, you will be in a resting state while I allow the highest force to work through me. For about an hour, you will lay down with your eyes closed in silence, and with your permission, your energetic field will get cleared.

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Available for retreats, trainings and workshops for energized and body-soul nurturing food

to fully support your journey.

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