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Our cells hold ancient wisdom. There lies our true nature and power. Because of the different structural systems we were born into and we live in, we put layers on it, many times unconsciously. Therefore we are unable to access this wisdom. Golden Quantum Attunement is vibrational technology, where we are using different colours of rays which are flowing throughout your body centres - chakras, through guided intentional visual meditation. With the use of vibrational meditation we harmonize our cells with the quantum field as much as your system is ready at the given moment. Gradually, we are coming back to our ancient wisdom. After the session you might feel lighter in your physical, emotional and mental body, gain more clarity in your life, feel deep relaxation, you become more connected with your emotional and physical body, see visions and much more. You also receive intuitive guidance for changes in your everyday life to support the process and integration. If you want to go deeper into the process, I suggest at least three sessions. Although sessions are intuitively personalized, there is a common structure that consists of relaxation of the body, axis-mundi connection, sharing, attunement and at the end practicals to support the process. You can also ask questions to get insights into specific area in your life.

Attunements are 1:1 and possibility for a group session as well.


Spinal Attunement is a globally acredited modality that combines Western, Eastern and Esoteric teachings and wisdom. Tensions, traumas and contractions, all our experiences, are stored in the nervous system connected through the spine. With the simple gentle spinal touch on chakras, meridians, nadis, sympathetic and parasympathetic gateways on the physical body and energetic field we gently shift/unravel physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual tensions. Merely by listening to the body's spinal breath and responding to it, we reconnect the parts and allow the energy and breath to flow again. By this we bring body back into alignment, awaken body’s natural intelligence to heal and expand our life force energy. Spinal attunement sessions are available in person or online.

I offer group online sessions as well.

"The revolution of our time will be an embodied revolution - where souls remember themselves as love."

Sigourney Belle, the founder of Soma Mystica & Spinal Attunement

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A journey to Prima Materia through the art of Alchemy

From Nigredo to Rubedo is a deep 6-8 week long golden transformational journey where you get to know your deepest self and transform the parts that are holding you back from living your highest potential. The journey is individually tailored and each session is intuitively guided and journeyed in the quantum field, the multidimensional space. It includes a variety of practices, such as specific asanas, pranayanamas, Golden Quantum & Spinal Attunement Method, de-coding, changing your food diet and using specific herbs to support your journey. The process may bring up emotional release, physical tension, traumas & other matters from the unconscious, ancestry lineage and past lives. It might feel intense, challenging and confrontational. It may be pleasant, joyful and playful. End of the journey may bring clarity, wider awareness and soul-led further journey which most often leads to changes in external reality too.

This is a journey back home to yourself; your body, soul, intuition and wisdom.

If you feel called to and you feel ready to do deep transformational work, slowly peel the layers that are holding you back from living the truest, empowered self and more authentic life, then this is the journey for you. 

De-armouring is an emotional release holistic process which utilizes a combination of presence, intention, breath, sound, movement and touch through massage, trigger point release, stretching, shaking, vocalization and more, to release emotions, trauma information, blockages, tension, numbness, pain – armours – stored in our body memory. It is a gentle and solution-oriented process with a focus on listening to your own body, creating a feeling of safety, and making your own choices in every moment. Here we invite the body to slowly begin to melt the layers of armours, so our life force energy expands and flows freely.*

I infuse sessions with Golden Quantum Attunement and Spinal Attunement. Sessions are in person.

*Summarized by the teacher Sunny Ju

Colorful Flowers

Available for retreats, trainings and workshops with energized and body-soul nurturing food

to fully support your journey.

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