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"I have had absolutely no pain, no more headaches which has been such a huge shift to how I was feeling the last few days before our session. I’ve felt also like it’s easier for me to express myself, like something in my voice has been unlocked too, which also is a beautiful thing. Super grateful for this work.”

“I haven’t had any hip pain since my session with you which was ongoing for over a year.”

“My body recognised it was about to receive an energy upgrade - transmission and was revving to go. The places that were slightly contracted are now open and it feels like all my chakras are connected and energy flowing through them. Where earlier I was tired of moving so much energy, now I am energized and full of beans. So many downloads are starting and I am starting to plan an outline for a course.”

"Thank you Kaya for providing such a safely held container for me to feel into a lot of really deep solar plexus ‘stuff’. You are so warm and inviting, I felt myself ease into your guidance without resistance or tension - something I’ve experienced when working with other providers. I'm continually amazed at the modality and how well it translates and pinpoints the out of balance parts do succinctly. There is a huge depth of embodied wisdom in you that attracted me to you immediately, knowing that my shadow aspects would be held with reverence on your part.

Thank you for your love and care."

“This is so my 3rd spinal attunement session with Kaya and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Each session is different and unique, taking me deeper into my body. Opening it to new sensations. Reminding me that the body is key. Each time I walk away falling deeper in love with myself & more in touch with the messages from the body. My upper shoulder tension is but gone. I feel grounded, solid in my presence and movement. I appreciate Kaja’s gentle yet powerful presence and guidance. As it should be. Highly recommend you try a session and see for yourself.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Kaya. What an incredible blessing it was to be receiving your gift, your magic, your essence. The spinal attunement sessions with you brought the deepest state of relaxation like I have not experienced it in a very long time. I felt incredibly safe at all times. I loved every bit and I cannot wait to join again. Thank you for sharing your work with the world, it’s such a blessing.”

“Before the session I had an exhausting day. I felt very tired and also quite sad. The meditation in the beginning was already so nourishing and helped me to let go off the first layers of heaviness. When the music started and Kaya began her magic, my body just wanted to move and shake. I feel like the more often I receive the spinal attunements the more I can let go of my stiffness, armour and mind. Today was the first time I was surprised how my body moved moreover my body was moving so fast and not synchronized that my mind didn't even catch what was going on. Especially since a burst of laughter came out of me at the same time. I was laughing so loud. It was insane and so joyful! I totally felt in every cell of my body why it is great to be alive. I could feel my life force again! I'm so glad I found Kaya. I'm so glad that with spinal attunement always something new can happen! Thank you, thank, you thank you.”

“I just want to share that I feel so good today! It’s been a long time since I felt myself so energetic. Like I’m back to my normal state. Unbelievable! Look forward to seeing what happens next.”

“We had 1:1 sessions once a week with an integration period in between. I went through very intense changes, identifying my blockages and limitations and facing them one by one. Going through this journey with Kaya’s support was a true gift. The amount of upgrades and messages came through these sessions are indescribable.

I’ve received a lot of codes and upgrades by just being around her gentle energy. She created a safe space for my soul to step up, shine through, and guide me. I was gifted with clarity of the mind, heart & spirit, and higher expression of self. I could sense the freedom from daily struggles and entanglements, leaving behind all the scarcity, and all the need for price and approval. And these sessions simply gave space to my soul growth. She was the light and way shower by simply awakening me to my truth without any further excuse. So thankful for the ways Kaya supported me through my journey to clarity.”

“I only did 3 sessions of Quantum Healing with Kaya with the intention of working on my lineage—removing ancestral toxic patterns & taking my lineage to the next level.
This work truly stirred some things up for me personally & within my family. Around the same time I was working with Kaya, my uncle who was on anti-psychotics for 30 years stopped taking his medication with the intention of healing himself in a more natural way. He also quit smoking after 55 years of living with this addiction. I believe that I removed some layers of energetic baggage from my own body and my life took a powerful turn. I feel deeply connected to my family, but I no longer feel like I carry all of the trauma. As a healer, I feel like a clearer channel now and no longer feel depleted after working with people in my healing practice. Thank you Kaya! I will be back for more. <3”

“As I work a lot with plant medicines there are few tools that I came across that are equally powerful as plant medicines. Family constellations was one of them and Spinal attunement is another one. I’m so blown away. I love finding practices that you don’t need anything but just this. It has just blown me away how transformational it is in real time. I've never been able to go into such a deep trance and have such clear visuals in meditation or in anything else than I have here in this group. So it has been a really profound journey. I bow to your magic Kaya, you’re absolutely phenomenal. It has been a great honour to be a part of this group. 

Thank you for holding me in this transitional phase, it means a lot.”

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