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all the power lies within you

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I had an intuitive reading with Kaja and it was beautiful.

A sincere, loving and safe space she offered

allowed me to speak out and verbalize one of my big fears I currently deal with for the first time,

with surprising ease. Everything she said in return vibrated inside me and that released a great tension

from my body and mind. I do recommend.

Sabina Kolar

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Kaja kindly asked me to give some feedback on the Intuitive healing session we had recently. Since it was only one session so far I'm still reflecting on it. But I can describe my experience as a different form of meditation. Relaxing, and also reassuring in some ways. Definitely pleasant.


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I have just finished a wonderful 5 days process of »becoming light« with Kaja and I feel really LIGHT and HAPPY. During this time I was surprised to discover ingredients of food that can make you light. In the first days I was afraid I'll be hungry, but I wasn't, I felt very well, very light and without worries. I kindly recommend Kaja for her professionalism and her personal and heartily involvement. Thank you Kaja for sharing LOVE and KNOWLEDGE!


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Kaya allowed me to open up in a safe and secure environment which in return brought me to a place of awareness. Her sessions were like a huge hug.


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You know when you don’t eat well and you don’t really exercise the way you used to and your body is silent?

If you want it to start talking what is really going on with it - go and visit Kaja. My body’s truth kicked my ass and

put me on the yoga mat after 3 months.

Thank you body & thank you Kaja.

Manica Celofiga,
Business intuition trainer and
Soulstoryline strategy coach

Vintage floral poster. Beautiful garden flowers. Peonies, roses, tulips, lily, hydrangea o

The intuitive session with Kaja gave me

exactly what I needed.

I felt calm and safe in her presence.

Would recommend her without hesitation.