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Dear beautiful human,

I am a life, travel and culinary arts lover and have a holistic approach to life and food.

Through illnesses and life challenges I’ve learned about the importance of body intelligence, its memory, and the importance of food. I’m greatly welcoming emotional fluidity and advocating gentle approach to any kind of bodywork. Practicing embodiment practices and trauma healing through body, breath, sound, and food.


Theme of my life is transformation; over the course of life I’ve been going through different cycles of deaths and rebirths. I’ve been learning how to hack ourselves & make our body tissues "tabula rasa",

without any conditioning, so we can create a space to write our own stories - from inside out.


At the time of being, as we are ever evolving beings, owning full mind body awareness to improve relationships and communication with ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, instead of reacting and being on autopilot we are mindfully responding, taking ownership and responsibility for the life we are creating and honouring it.


Welcome to a gentle space where you can own yourself fully and where you can embrace yourself to live your life the way you feel, free, without limitations. Remember, all the power and wisdom lie within you. I am being grateful and honoured to be here for you.

Thank you for stopping by and for choosing me to hold a space for you.


With love, Kaya

I'm offering online holistic programs, in person de-armouring sessions and services as a private chef.

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