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Image by Annie Spratt


future technologies & quantum field

"You are technology. Unlock your cells and activate your ancient wisdom."



Hi beautiful humans,

 My name is Kaya. In Sanskrit Kaya means body.

Transformation - deaths and rebirths - is the topic of my life.

I experienced my first profound transformation in 2014 upon my first return from a trip to India. Chronic illnesses and the way I had lived and eaten up to that moment had led to a build-up of toxins in my body. Physical detox led to an emotional and mental detox. I stopped eating meat, naturally,

and broke free of white sugar addiction.

During 2020 I experienced the dark months of the soul, and at the end of the year I burned out. The year 2021 was the period when I started the transformational journey of my life - From the body up. I intuitively took a class in spiritual mediumship Level one Finding Magic in Mundane - Ashley Torrent, where the gifts of body clairsentience and claircognizance revealed itself. I became a certified Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher - Irana Jian & gained knowledge and wisdom of Shamanic Astrology - TIFA - Andrea Paige. I completed the De-Armouring Training Level One - Sunny Ju, where I experienced an awakening.

Since my second return from India in April 2023, I've been in the wheel of creative transformation. I birthed the Golden Quantum Attunement method - a vibrational technology that works through chakras, using different colors of rays and circular flows of them throughout the body and cells.

I'm a certified Spinal Attunement practitioner - Sigourney Belle, the founder of Spinal Attunement & Soma Mystica, and I’m going on deep transformational journeys with people who are ready to come back home to themselves; to the body, soul, intuition and wisdom.

Since I was a child I've been connected with the snake symbol and herbs, especially rose. I’m nurturing my love for herbs by creating herbal ritual himalayan salts and tea mixtures. Often with my presence I stir up shadows within other people, see patterns and details and at the same time see situations from a bird's eye perspective.

I'm here to bring changes, in service of the collective and the future.

Welcome to a gentle space for your personal transformational journeys and a space to come home to yourself. I offer free monthly online spinal attunement group sessions, golden quantum attunement, spinal attunement™, the purple circle and cosmic golden rose transformational journey. I do 1:1, couple and group sessions.

I host transformational retreats From the Body Up & work as a private and retreat Chef.

Everybody has the right to live life fully, empowered, from the inside out,

regardless of rules of different structure systems we were born to and live in.

Feeling alive and free. Remember, all the power and wisdom lie within you.

Join me in a safe and gentle space to

connect with your soul and live an empowered life.

With love, Kaya

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