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future technology

quantum field & embodiment work



"You are technology.

Unlock your cells and activate your ancient wisdom."



Dear beautiful human,

Transformation - deaths and rebirths - is the topic of my life.

It was the end of 2020 and I almost burned out. I was drained and exhausted. Mentally & physically, and I felt I would never cook again as I completely lost the passion for it. I stopped cooking and life stopped for some time as well. This is the period when I’ve started the transformational journey - From the Body Up. During the journey of life I’ve learned about body intelligence, its memory and the importance of food. At some point I realized that no matter how much spiritual and therapy work we do, the way up is always through the body and the changes made in everyday life are the one that make long-lasting transformation -  the embodied practices and conscious living. On my way I’ve also re-discovered some of my ancient natural gifts. Since I was a child I've been connected with the snake symbol and herbs, especially rose. One of my gifts is seeing patterns and details and at the same time seeing situations from a bird's eye perspective.

Welcome to a gentle space where you meet the deepest version of yourself. A space for your personal transformational journey and a space to celebrate yourself. I offer golden quantum attunements, 6 to 12 week quantum transformational journey and fusion de-armouring sessions.

I wish for everybody to live life fully, empowered, from the inside out,

regardless of the rules of the different structure systems we were born to and live in.

To feel alive and free. 

Remember, all the power and wisdom lie within you.

With love, Kaya

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