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professional journey

Kaya advanced in the culinary world with the help of renowed Slovenian chefs, such as Uros Stefelin (Hisa Linhart, a Michelin star restaurant), Ana Ros (Hisa Franko, a three-Michelin star restaurant), and Bine Volcic (Monstera Bistro, a Michelin Plate restaurant).

She was introduced to the Slovenian public as a participant in the reality show ”Gostilna isce sefa” (A Restaurant Looking for a Chef). It was her approach, distinctiveness and authenticity that let her achieve a high ranking second place. The positive impressions Kaya left on the audience, as well as the makers of the show, led her to participate as a food producer on “MasterChef Slovenia” (seasons 1 and 3).

As a photographer, Kaya contributed to the cookbook Paradajz: velika knjiga receptov s paradiznikom Lust (Tomato: The Big Book of Recipeswith Lust Tomatoes, 2016) and The Honey Book: Cooking with Honey (2019) of which she is also the editor. She is the author and  photographer of the plant-based cookbook Healthy Food Made Good (2020).

Kaya continued developing her skills abroad, in Berlin where she collaborated with Chef Dalad Kambhu (Kin Dee, a Michelin star restaurant) and was a member of the bakery team at Five Elephant. Kaya went on to work as the private Chef of the founders of a multinational video game developing company. Now, she works for few families as their private Chef and as a retreat Chef.

 Kaya is based in Cyprus and works internationally.

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