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Colorful Flowers

graceful be - ing

Into graceful be-ing is a Spinal Attunement embodiment weekend retreat where you surrender and allow yourself to be present, open to receive and

be deeply nourished

Sečovlje, Slovenia 31st May -  2nd June 2024

Dear beautiful woman,


I have a few questions for you. When was the last time you allowed yourself to just be? When was the last time you were in a completely relaxed state, fully rested, where your nervous system was nourished as well? Do you still believe in magic?


Graceful be-ing is our playground. A deep space of flow, softening and rest. A place where you allow yourself to receive the magic and support of nature, food, yoga, sound, flower essences and spinal attunement™.

They will support your process to dive deeper into your true essence, magic and pleasure.


All practices will be restorative and nourishing. Spinal Attunement method together with flower essences will gently unravel physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockages which are holding us back from our divine nature and coming back home to ourselves.

Spinal Attunement™ is an advanced, multidimensional and accelerated somatic healing modality. It combines esoteric teachings & wisdom, energetics and science by working with the spine and peripheral nervous system to pinpoint and heal the root of physical symptoms, awaken the body's intelligence to heal and come back to our natural homeostasis, alignment and wisdom.

When blockages are cleared, our life force energy starts flowing freely.


Join us to connect with like-minded women, surrender yourself, open to the magic of gracefulness and play.


15.00 Check-in

17.00 Welcoming & Opening Circle

17.45 Yoga Nidra: planting seeds of intention

19.30 Dinner



7.00 Morning herbal tea

7.30 Yoga: Waking up the body

8.30 Light Breakfast

10.00 Opening of the Day

10.30 Spinal Attunement with Herbal Essences

13.00 Lunch 

16.30 Yoga: Pranayama, Nurturing and Coming Within 

17.30 Spinal Attunement with Herbal Essences & Shei's live therapeutic frequency sound

19.00 Dinner


7.00 Morning Herbal Tea

7.30 Yoga: Love is a Place

8.30 Light Breakfast 

9.30 Sharing Circle

10.00 Spinal Attunement with Herbal Essences

13.00 Lunch 

14.00 Closing Circle

meet the team

maša, the host & yoga

Kaya Pogačar is a trauma informed Spinal Attunement™ practitioner and certified Integral Transformational Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teacher. She completed a De-Armouring Training Level One and birthed the Golden Quantum Attunement. She has gifts of body clairsentience and claircognizance & holds deep transformative spaces where you unravel blockages to live a soul led and empowered life.

Maša Marolt is a certified Vinyasa (RYT 200) and Yin yoga teacher. She continuously enhances her education by participating in numerous workshops with internationally renowned yoga and somatic movement teachers such as Anna Forrest, Jose Calarco, Jambo Truong, Michele Kadison and J. Brown. She has completed a course on the Application of Polyvagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga with Dr. Arielle Schwartz and Steven Porges. Currently, she is completing her studies at the Yoga Therapy Institute, an international, IAYT-accredited school for yoga therapist education and training. She is trained to lead trauma-informed yoga therapy sessions.

dea, the chef

Dea's work spans from the creation of objects and spatial landscapes to culinary installations. Her style is characterised by natural shapes and materials used in captivating compositions.

Dea often uses food both as an inspiration and a tool: as an object of desire, playful installations that trigger curiosity, but also as a ritual element that gets people to interact. Objects and delicately thought-out spatial installations, therefore, play an important role in creating these unique visual and tactile experiences.

kaya, the host & spinal attunement

shei, the dj

SHEI (also known as Madhu) is a DJ who always strives to tell a story with her sets. Merging different cultures into an arcane mystical blend; an exploration of states and emotion. She’s been working with and researching sound and frequency for the last 10 years, as well in therapeutic terms, as sound is the primordial energy from which all else emerges. Meditational sessions are set in a particular way to induce a wanted state in which a change of being can take place. 

Shared rooms

3x double bed with a bathroom and balcony / 480 eur per person

1x 4 single beds with a bathroom / 420 eur per person

10 spots available

What is included: 

 Accommodation for 2 nights - 3 days

Three Spinal Attunement sessions with herbal essences, one of them will be supported with Shei's live therapeutic frequency sound

Four yoga classes

Five locally sourced nurturing, grounding and supporting vegetarian meals

 Herbal teas, fruits and water all day


What is not included:

A transport to and from the retreat location. Please organize your own transport; we’re happy to help with the best options. We will create a Telegram group available for any additional questions and to connect all of you so you are able to share a car rental or transport.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Language of the retreat is Slovenian and English. If needed, translation will be available. 

Arrival Friday from 15.00 on, leaving time is Sunday by 15.30.

Your spot is reserved with a 200 eur deposit. The rest is paid at the location. In case of cancellation the deposit is non-refundable.*

*Exceptions when there are higher forces in play

For application and any additional questions please send an email to

accomodation & practicals

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