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Flower in Sunlight

friday 6 pm CET & saturday 9 am CET

Spinal Attunement is a globally accredited modality founded by Sigourney Belle.

It combines Western, Eastern and Esoteric teachings and wisdom. All our experiences are stored in the nervous system connected through the spine. With the simple gentle spinal touch on chakras, meridians, nadis, sympathetic and parasympathetic gateways on the physical, emotional, mental body and energetic field we gently unravel stored tensions. Merely by listening to the body’s spinal breath and

responding to it, we awaken the body's natural intelligence to heal and expand our life force energy. 

Group sessions are combined with axis mundi meditation and golden quantum attunement.

Each person receives dedicated time and at the same time the group field works through each individual too.

release stored emotions, tensions and traumas

move stagnant energy

start feeling lighter in your whole being

get new insights about life & yourself

get inspired & creativity flowing

activate your own inner wisdom

become more aligned with your soul purpose

let universal intelligence speak through you

If you are new in the space, please keep in mind there is a form to be filled out and a disclaimer to be signed

at least 12 hours before the session. All of you who have already been in the space can join up to one hour before.

After that the space is closed. Give me please 24 hours to reply after you reserve your spot.

Reserve your spot by following links below

50 eur

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