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the purple circle

The Purple Circle is an intensive 8-week online group journey where we reconnect with the natural elements, release blockages, and align and upgrade the first four energetic centres—root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart—with the energetics of the upcoming era. This allows us to live in inner harmony, connect to our intuition, and act from a space of flow. The foundations of The Purple Circle are: release, upgrade, activate, and harmonise.

We have just entered a new era.

An era where frequency, vibration, and energetics are at the forefront.

An era where it’s crucial for us to align with our inner wisdom.

This is an era of heart-centered living and deep connection to the Earth and our body.





The Earth is connected to the first energetic center and our bodies. This connection provides a firm foundation and brings trust into our lives. Our bodies also serve as a portal through which our dreams and soul’s desires manifest into reality. With solid foundations and trust established, we progress to the element of water. The water element is associated with the second energetic center and our emotions. In this phase, we connect with what is present within us at the moment, allow emotions to flow through our bodies, and unlock our creativity. Moving onward, the third energetic center is linked to the element of fire and our minds. This center serves as the seat of our beliefs and self-worth. It’s our inner power house. Transitioning from this center, we journey to the element of air, represented by the fourth energetic center—the heart. The heart embodies unconditional love, offers insights, and connects us to our intuition. While exploring the shadows of each chakra, we associate root chakra with fear, the sacral shadow with guilt, solar plexus with shame, and the heart with grief. 

“As I work a lot with plant medicines there are few tools that I came across that are equally powerful as plant medicines. Family constellations was one of them and Spinal attunement is another one. I’m so blown away. I love finding practices that you don’t need anything but just this. It has just blown me away how transformational it is in real time. I've never been able to go into such a deep trance and have such clear visuals in meditation or in anything else than I have here in this group. So it has been a really profound journey. I bow to your magic Kaya, you’re absolutely phenomenal. It has been a great honour to be a part of this group. Thank you for holding me in this transitional phase, it means a lot.”

Testimonial from our last The Purple Circle journey

​In this group journey, we engage with the collective energy of the group, the group’s field, focusing on what is most alive for the participants as a whole. We then use the most supportive methods and tools accordingly. Typically, as we approach each session, life will begin to reveal the material—the themes and aspects that we will explore in our Purple Circle sessions. Additionally, there is a private Telegram group for support and sharings. Replays of each session will be available.

You will benefit from these sessions even if you do them via replay.

Applications are accepted until September 11th

The second Purple Circle starts September 21st

Close up of a dark purple flower on a black background abstract.jpg

     earth   root
      water   sacral
        fire   solar plexus

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