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the purple circle

The Purple Circle is an eight weeks long group online journey where we create solid foundations, clear some blockages, reconnect with elements of nature and align with energetics of the new era through first four energetic centers - root, sacral, solar plexus and heart to create and live our life from the space of inner harmony & flow.

Contemplating my values recently and on what foundations I'm creating and would like to continue creating my life and relationships. I’m interested in co-creating long-lasting relationships, projects, investments, and harvests based on solid and deep foundations. Transparency, creativity, trust, honesty, compassion and integrity are one of my highest values. This also means living with the heart open. All this has brought me into a place to offer you something new this year. Because I’m interested in creating long-lasting harvests. They thrive on fertile soil, nourishment, care, dedication, love, water and sun. They need time as well. And with time comes patience. Join us on a journey where we're going to co-create a long-lasting harvest.

We have just entered a new era in our humanity.

An era of frequency, vibrations and energetics.

An era of alignment with our inner wisdom.

An era of living from a space of heart and deep connection to the earth.





an eight week long journey

“Chakra means ´wheel,´ literally´ that which revolves.´

In yogic literature it refers to the seven vital centers in the subtle or astral body,

the body of life energy underlying the physical body. Their opening allows for the unfoldment of higher states of consciousness leading to the awareness of the Supreme Self.”

Dr. David Frawley

Earth is connected with the first energetic center and with our body. The body connection brings firm foundations and trust into our life. Body is also the portal through which our dreams and soul desires come into reality. On solid foundations and trust we will continue our journey to the element of Water. Element of Water is connected with the second energetic center and our emotions. We’re going to connect with what is present at the moment, move them through our bodies and allow our creativity to flow. The third energetic center is connected with the element of fire and our mind. This center is the seed of our beliefs, self-worth, and it’s our inner power house. From there we journey to the element of Air, to our fourth energetic center -  heartHeart is the center of unconditional love, insights and intuition.

Bring dreams into reality, trust in yourself to make steps forward realization

and open yourself to creativity. Join the Purple Circle and start

living your life from a space of inner wisdom and harmony.

"The last group online session was really powerful

and I feel huge energetic shifts inside of me and a constant high level of energy!

There is also more clarity and new visions are coming through."

Close up of a dark purple flower on a black background abstract.jpg

earth     root
water     sacral
fire     solar plexus

One session is dedicated to clearing and releasing the old 

Second session is dedicated to re-connecting, alignment & nourishment 

Methods used in sessions are contemplation & reflection, somatic movement, meditation, axis-mundi connection,

clearing of emotional blockages through meridian pathways, spinal attunement & golden quantum attunement 


Group field is a living formation and as it will be emerging and creating,

we will be using the most supporting methods and tools according to what is alive and present.

There will be a private Telegram group for support and sharings. Recording will be available.*

Opening circle date 30th March 9 am CET Slovenia time

6th April / 13th April / 20th April / 27th April 9 am CET Slovenia time

4th May / 11th May / 18th May 9 am CET Slovenia time

Closing circle on summer solstice 20th June

*Please keep in mind that Spinal Attunement works only when you are attending live sessions

join us in creating harmonious and purposeful life

apply until 26th March
send an email to

Close up of a dark purple flower on a black background abstract.jpg


199 eur*

First five receive 1:1 Spinal Attunement session

*once you decide to join the payment is non-refundable

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