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A retreat with remarkable women guest facilitators at one of the most beautiful retreat places in Slovenia.

A place where you meet yourself.

How much do you listen to your body? Do you hear the whispers of your intution?

Do you give your soul the space and time to speak through you and guide you? 

Let creativity flow and shine through you, explore, nourish, empower yourself and deepen the connection with

your body and soul. Let's play through creative practices and come home to ourselves.


At the retreat we’re going to co-create a gentle and safe space for our body and soul to speak up. In the first three days we will root ourselves and deepen the connection with our physical body. We're going to explore and play through movements and creative practices such as gentle yoga flow, somatic movement, yoga nidra and painting, workshop of conscious touch by creating your own essence, jewelry ritual workshop and free flow dance. In the mornings there will be golden quantum meditation and during the day enough stillness and silence for integration and time for yourself to enjoy. Sauna will be available for the additional detox, surrounded and supported by beautiful nature and land to explore and a natural swimming pool. The food will be ayurvedic, organically grown on Veduna or sourced locally, full of prana with snacks available throughout the day. These days will lead up to last night's Kundalini Healing. Our journey will be supported by the natural cosmic cycle as the second August’s full moon is recurring at the end of the month.

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yoga practice, GUEST facilitator masa marolt

Yoga is self-exploration. We use asana as a tool with which we discover the deepest parts of experiencing and feeling the body. We will encourage introspection. Our focus will be less on how to "correctly" perform a certain pose, instead we'll let intuition run free. We will explore what we need at a given moment and what is our response to this impulse. 

Our yoga journey will be aimed at just that - each of us molding our own path towards ourselves, while together creating a space to make this path as pleasant and effortless as possible.


Jewelry was primarily a supporting element for human beings. I will guide you through a process that will be meditative and approached as ritual, where we will open up to creative force and let her flow through us. Each will create a unique necklace, which will serve and support you in time of integration and everyday life, after the retreat is over. You will be creating with high quality materials and crystals that will support your beauty, intention and inner power.

conscious touch BY creating your own essence, GUEST facilitator MARTINA BORŠČAK

How many times have you thanked your palms that hold, caress, cook, embrace, love? How many times have you gently stroked your face while looking in the mirror and smiled at yourself? How many times have you gently touched your skin with a conscious touch and enjoyed rubbing in your favorite body cream? How many times have you consciously showered, feeling every drop of water?


At the workshop of conscious touch by creating your own essence, we will celebrate our palms and their touch. We will be fully present in making love to our skin and rub a fragrant essence into it, which we will prepare ourselves from spring macerates and essential oils. With the help of body scan meditation, we will make every cell of our body aware and ask our hands to make a conscious touch on the places that need it the most. We are safe in our bodies, we are at home.


Free flow dance is decomposition of movement that was learned, that which is regarded as "beautiful and correct" into authentic and empowering. Dance in its essence is medicine. Practice is inviting us to open, surrender and allow the energy to free flow through us. When we allow our bodies to move freely, the body releases tensions and restrained emotions, which could develop as illnesses (psychological and physical), on other hand it amplifies feelings of freedom, joy and connection. Practice is harmony between structure and complete freedom.

GOLDEN QUANTUM meditation, facilitator kaya pogacar

Attune to the vibrations of the golden earth on the cellular level using visual meditation. As much as you are ready to receive at the given moment to unlock your ancient wisdom.

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creative painting as an expression of the soul, facilitator kaya pogacar

Guided meditation will lead us to creative expressions of our soul. Acrylic paints and canvas are our tools and the soul is our only guide. The process itself is therapeutic and liberating.


The foundation of all life is life-force energy. Kundalini is our life force energy at its truest potential. This journey is a spiritual process, it is a direct energy activation that awakens the powerful healing energy within you. It is a very natural and flowing process. This is intelligence at work to give your system what it needs at the moment. It’s a clearing of the pathways as much as possible or as much as you can surrender to at that time. Everyone receives what they are ready for. There is no force. ​


When attending a session you are in a vortex of raw potent kundalini energy, a frequency that I hold. A deeply healing frequency. With your willingness to surrender and allow so much can happen in a session. It is a life force energy intensification and activation, it can also be a purification, awakening, regulation, remembrance, rebirth, transformation, awareness, and stabilization. Everyone's experience is unique while being a very natural and safe process.


In this kundalini frequency - in this vortex, we become our own healer. Your system attunes to my frequency, your own life force is intensified and then begins to heal and clear your pathways and centers. ​This is NOT kundalini yoga, kundalini breathwork, or tantra - this is an energy activation that only requires that you surrender to the experience. It's very different from traditional kundalini practices where the willful practice is used to raise your energy.



7.30 golden quantum meditation

8.15 gentle yoga flow

9.30 breakfast

13.00 lunch

14.00 jewerly - ritual workshop

19.00 dinner

20.00 sharing circle



Price depends on the room you choose:

  • Dormitory (4 beds) 425 eur

  • Triple room 525 eur

  • Double room 600 eur 

  • Single room 775 and 875 eur 

the program price is 600 eur

This includes:

  • daily yoga practice

  • herbal tea ceremony

  • 1x use of sauna

  • painting workshop

  • jewelry ritual workshop

  • free flow dance

  • daily golden quantum attunements

  • workshop of conscious touch by creating your own essence

  • kundalini healing

Program price should be paid in full before the retreat starts. You are welcome to pay in installments. Contact Kaya for the program payment and payment plans. Please feel free to book a call if you have any additional questions about the retreat. or WA +386 31 621 849

additional cost

Upon arrival you will be asked to pay the standard tourist tax of €1.75 per night.

detox your mind_edited.jpg

Masa is a Vinyasa (RYT 200) and Yin certified yoga teacher. For the past six years she has been living and teaching individual and group yoga classes in Berlin. During her time abroad she attended many yoga and somatic embodiment workshops with international teachers such as Anna Forrest, Jose Calarco, Jambo Truong, Michele Kadison, J. Brown.


She was also a part of the Berlin Yoga conference team. She recently completed a course on Applied Polyvagal theory in therapeutic yoga with Dr. Arielle Schwartz and Stephen Porges.


In 2022 she began her extensive studies in The Yoga Therapy Institute, an international, IAYT accredited school for Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy education and training. She is trained to facilitate trauma informed yoga classes. As from the start of this year she has returned back to her roots in Slovenia and is currently preparing a tailored framework for individual yoga practice with elements of therapeutic treatment.


Woman behind Anja OriAn, slow made sustainable brand with intention to create beauty and support women on their journey. Her creative path started in her early twenties, since then she owned an art shop in Barcelona, worked exclusively with linen and hemp, created a unique technique with plant prints, studied and worked with natural dyes and eco print technique and finally dove into metal jewelry, medium with which she currently works.


She is the founder of Free flow dance practice, offers weekly sessions in Ljubljana and works towards offering the practice online. She guides you to sink into your body and unlock the self-healing potential through exercises, music and meditations. She is a catalyst of sorts, a spark that ignites and invites people toward transformation.


Martina is the founder of the Ritualnica platform, which focuses on conscious massage of the head, face and back of the neck. By creating her own massage essences, she supports each client individually. As she has discovered over the years of research that each plant has its own energy record, so she learned to use plants and her signature massage in a way that turns our waters into love. She lives with the principle that we are part of nature and not its owners, so each plant is carefully collected and selected for the rituals she performs. Her vision is to awaken people to the feeling of their own touch. If you feel yourself, you will feel others too.


She is a Kundalini Activation facilitator from Slovenia, who connects her experience with a holding of a raw activating Kundalini Life Force Energy and a Transmission of Light Language. Anya creates a safe space for people to clear up their layers of patterns, illusions, and traumas, bringing them back to finding their freedom and living life to their fullest potential.


I am a mom and an eternal seeker of growth and practices that can lead us to reach our highest quality of life. I've been told by a Balinese Shaman that I can transmute higher energy and that the path will show up. And it did. Life has connected me to a process called AKA - Aliveness Kundalini Activation. And from the moment I first felt this energy, I knew that my mission is to be of service to this process and help people live their best lives. This energy has deepened my connection with myself and helped me to let go of old beliefs and unhealthy patterns. It's an honour to do this work and support you on your path.

Kayafairytalesession 1 (2)_edited.png

Transformation - deaths and rebirths - is the topic of my life.


I couldn’t be more grateful and humble to share with you the birth of this  soul-expanding transformational retreat From the Body Up. It's the way I've started my transformational journey. At some point I realized that no matter how much spiritual and therapy work someone does, the body is a base and the changes made in everyday life are the one that make long-lasting transformation -  the embodied practices and conscious living.


The topic and the content of the retreat came up very naturally as I could feel there is a collective need for a deeper connection with and nourish of our body. With the support of creative practices & play we will melt some emotional, physical and mental layers that are ready to go. The intention is to enjoy in the lightness of our being, to expand our life force energy and leave retreat feeling lighter, inspired and empowered. Remember, all the power and wisdom lie within you.

Cannot wait to go on this journey with you.


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